Indian Railways in collaboration with the industry announces new wagons

BTFC new wagon for fly ash. Capacity increase more than 7 %. Addresses the volume constraint of fly ash users. In addition this wagon can also carry Alumina and Cement. No change in loading and unloading infrastructure required.

BCFE E prototype in the process of getting approved. An improved version of the BCCW wagon with updated specifications and higher capacity. Expected to be the cement wagon of the future.

BFNV for carrying steel coils. Advantage is that the ‘eye to platform’ design which facilitates loading and unloading from the railway platform using forklifts with no need for EOT cranes. This type of coil positioning apparent is also safer.

BCACBM innovations. This wagon is in a continuous specification improvement mode due to high demand and need to accommodate various types of vehicles. We now have provision to accommodate 2-wheelers, side doors for driver ingress, removable roofs and so on.

Parcel wagons, increased capacity, and various configurations to accommodate different cargo types of size and weight, fragility and so on. Specially to cater to the demands of the burgeoning e-commerce industry.

EUR wagons with increased capacity and easier access to rails. Potentially self-discharge capabilities in the offing. New flat wagons to load wide plates hitherto not being carried due to MMD restrictions. These wagons will carry the plates in a diagonal form.

The other wagons being developed are RORO wagons, milk wagons and other special purpose wagons.