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Term of use


The Touax Texmaco website is produced by Touax Texmaco Railcar Leasing Ltd, a limited company registered in India. Our headquarters are located at Belgharia, Kolkata (India).
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Touax Texmaco Railcar Leasing Ltd endeavors to the best of its abilities to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information provided on this website. It reserves the right to change this information at any time and without prior notice. However, Touax Texmaco Railcar Leasing Ltd cannot guarantee the accuracy, precision, or exhaustiveness of the information provided on the website. 
Touax Texmaco Railcar Leasing Ltd shall not be held responsible, in any manner whatsoever, for the consequences of such changes.
You may browse through this website at your leisure. You are authorized to download information from the website for your personal, noncommercial use only, provided you keep the copyright and other ownership information supplied. Distributing, modifying, transmitting, reusing, transferring, or using the website content for public or commercial use, including the text, images, animations, or audio, without the express written consent of Touax Texmaco Railcar Leasing Ltd is prohibited.
Nevertheless, the information on this website is provided for information purposes only. It is assumed to be correct at the time when you first read it. Touax Texmaco Railcar Leasing Ltd and its subsidiaries endeavor to keep this website up to date. However, the company does not guarantee the comprehensiveness and accuracy of this information. The information on the website may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. You may use this information at your own risk. This information is provided on the condition that you, or any other person who receives it, may determine its suitability for a specific goal prior to using the information. Under no circumstances shall Touax Texmaco Railcar Leasing Ltd or its subsidiaries be held responsible for the credence you give to this information, for its use, or for the use of a product it refers to.
Accessing the Touax Texmaco Railcar Leasing Ltd website
Please keep in mind the limitations of the Internet; we shall not be held responsible for any consequences of your connecting to this website.
More specifically, we shall not be held responsible for any material or non-material damages to your computer equipment and the data stored on it, nor for any possible consequences concerning your personal, professional, or commercial activities.
Nor shall we be held responsible in the event that you cannot connect to the website due to technical or any other problems, in particular related to network congestion.
Specific warning concerning financial information
The information published on the website shall not be considered as an incitement to invest. Under no circumstances shall it be interpreted as a solicitation. It does not represent an offer to subscribe to, buy, sell, or exchange shares or other Touax Texmaco Railcar Leasing Ltd or any other TOUAX’entity securities. This information has not been verified by the regulatory authorities, as is required for a public issue procedure.
Any use of said information and data shall be made at the user's own risk.
Accordingly, Touax Texmaco Railcar Leasing Ltd may not be held responsible for the content or accuracy of all or part of the information provided on its website, or for any order or investment decision based on such information.
Protection of personal data
Any personal information you are liable to transmit to Touax Texmaco Railcar Leasing Ltd is subject to the provisions of the Indian Data Protection law.
Any correspondence you send via e-mail or any other means is used to meet your requests and is intended exclusively for Touax Texmaco Railcar Leasing Ltd. No personal data concerning you is sold to third parties.
All the items contained on this Web server (software, text, images and animations, know-how, sound, icons, and in general any type of data) are protected by the Indian Intellectual Property Code. They are the property of Touax Texmaco Railcar Leasing Ltd or its parent companies and are covered by the laws protecting copyrights when they have been made available to the public via the Web server. 
Documents contained on this website may be copied for information purposes only and for strictly private use. No license or right of any kind other than the right to view the website is granted to anyone as concerns intellectual property rights. Reproduction of documents on the website is authorized for information purposes only and for personal or private use. Any reproduction or use of the copied information for any other purpose without express prior consent by Touax Texmaco Railcar Leasing Ltd is strictly prohibited.
Distinctive signs
Unless otherwise specified, the corporate names, logos, and trademarks cited on this website are the property of Touax Texmaco Railcar Leasing Ltd or any other TOUAX’s entity. They may not be used without the prior consent of their owners. 
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Changes to disclaimers
The TOUAX Group reserves the right to modify these disclaimers at any time. In that case, the applicable conditions shall be those in force at the time when you connect to the sites.